9 Mistakes That Will Ensure You Never See an Offer on Your Home


When staging your home, you are trying to accomplish a few things. One is to show potential buyers that you are attentive and keep your home clean. The second is to appeal to the broadest possible market of buyer (think absolute middle of bell curve). Often I see sellers doing certain things that just turn off buyers all together and most are very simple.


Number 1. Leaving toilet seats up. This is so petty it seems to be silly, but it never fails that when the seat is up, buyers look at it funny. Also, for photos, it is an absolute must that the seat and lid be down! It sticks out like a sore thumb and no matter what we do to tell buyers “look at the house, not the seller’s stuff” they do anyway.


Number 2. Not decluttering the kitchen. Everyone’s kitchen is cluttered, I mean it is probably the most heavily used room in the house and super important (we all have to eat, right?). Take a moment and put everything in drawers, the oven or even the dishwasher just to declutter for both photos and showings. Nobody wants to see your dirty dishes either.


This actually applies to the bathroom as well. Clear the counters except for soap and hand towel. Don’t forget to put the bowl cleaner and plunger under the cabinet. Pro tip- don’t leave magazines out….


Number 3. Not leaving lights on in the home. This is not always doable, but if you try it should be happening 98% of the time. Spend the money to use the electricity as this makes your home much easier to show and stands out to buyers, especially when it’s dark.


Number 4. Clearing magnets from the fridge. If your REALTOR doesn’t remind you of this task you should probably reconsider your relationship. Seriously nothing sticks out more to buyers when looking at photos or when physically in your kitchen. Just put them in a large envelope and break them out first thing after you get to your new home.


Number 5. Don’t over stage your home. Sounds silly right? Well it happens a lot. There is a fine line between having furniture in the home that makes sense and having so little in the home that it looks like a college kid is adding furniture item by item as his girlfriend forces him to mature. Either clear the home and make it look vacant or pull items with the layout, photos and showings in mind. Your REALTOR and photographer should be able to advise on this.


Number 6. Not mowing the yard. I hate that I even have to say this; but your yard should be mown. If your home is for sale I recommend every 4-5 days in the warmer months. The crisp lines and fresh smell show buyers you are serious about selling as well as increasing curb appeal. This is well worth the effort. Have you seen an over grown yard that’s for sale? It devalues a property immediately.


Number 7. Not vacuuming the home. It may sound a little OCD but the more often you vacuum before showings the better the feedback will be and the better your home will show. Those little lines tell buyers you care and that you are serious (not to mention clean). So why not take the 15 minutes to do it? Especially for photos. The new high definition photos will show these online and it is huge to buyers.


Number 8. Not washing windows or cleaning heating/cooling vents. This is an absolute must right before listing. If you don’t have pets this is probably a one-time thing (depending on the market) for your listing time frame. Just do it. Make a game out of it for the kids or however you do this but make sure you don’t forget. If you do, it tells buyers you are dirty and don’t care. Pro tip- get the ceiling fan blades as well.


Number 9. Forgetting to put away personal items. This is easy. Nothing personal should be out in the open. Are you reading a book? Put it away. Do you have back massager? Put it in the closet. Do you have your favorite marital aid out? Don’t! Put it in the side table like everyone else. Everything should be put away to help facilitate the buyer looking at your home and not your stuff.


These are my nine tipsm(and maybe more that I didn’t count) that will lead to great success for sellers and buyers. By that I mean sellers will sell and buyers will feel good about the home they are purchasing. There are others you can probably toss in to more thoroughly complete my list but I think they all add up to the same thing or fall under another category. The goal as mentioned before is to fit into the middle of the bell curve for marketability and to show buyer prospects that the home is ready for sale.


Dylan A. B. Diersen
First Weber, Inc.


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