5 Things You Can do to Turn Buyers Off

We all want to sell our homes right? Even if it’s a ways down the road we want to make the most money and sell quickly. At least most do. So I have compiled the 5 Things You Can do to Turn Buyers Off from talking with agents, lender and of course buyers. In no particular order, here they are.

Not allowing showings. This should seem simple, right? I mean in order to sell a home people have to be allowed to see it. But believe it or not plenty of sellers do this every day. I get it, we all have things going on but just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean we can alienate buyers

Having a dirty home. You wouldn’t believe the number of unkempt and down right dirty homes I show all the time. It is a struggle with life, kids, pets and all else we have going on. But do you really think you will get top dollar for your home if it’s dirty? Take the time. Pay the money. Figure it out.

Leaving notes around the home.  This one is very interesting and the effect it has on people is more subconscious. If you leave cute little notes around the home like “Don’t Use Toilet” or “Water Turned Off” or even categorizing which furniture stays, it gets in peoples mind. It causes them to think there are problems that don’t exist and makes them just be turned off from the property.

Having a pet smell. This goes for any kind of pet smell. If you have pets, you need to call your friend who is dead honest and ask them to come over after you think you have cleaned.  Ask them to be frank with you. And listen to them. The smell of a pet even turns of pet owners.

Not leaving an access method to an outbuilding or garage. This is huge for buyers as they want to see all of a home. There are a few tips I can offer. Leave the garage door opener in plain sight on the counter so agents and buyers can find it. If there are keys to an outbuilding, make sure they are in the lock-box so the showing agent knows what to try. I would also suggest labeling them somehow too.

If you have others in mind please share. This is not an all-encompassing list just the most that I see.