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Aug. 3, 2015

Inspections: How many can I have?

One of the most important clauses you can put into your offer to purchase is the home inspection clause but many people do not think about the many other types of inspections you can have.


For example: is there a pool? maybe you want a qualified pool company to give it a once over.


Other Inspections to consider:

Roof (while home inspectors will look at this, they aren't experts and if the roof is very suspect this may be helpful)
Lead Based Paint (LBP)
Heating and air conditioning


Basically anything can be inspected. If there is anything that concerns you there is no reason not to have it checked out. Simply have your REALTOR put it in your offer when you sit down to write it. You will likely have to pay for it, unless you are lucky enough to talk the sellers into paying, but the money spent will be well worth its weight in gold if something is truly wrong. Also, if a seller will agree, you can have as many inspections you can fit in the offer to purchase.



Conversely, if you are a seller and you want to get ahead of the game, there is a great way to do so. Have you own home inspection done and make it public for anyone looking to purchase it. This is a great way to add value for a buyer (basically you would potentially save them $300) and for you to save money by allowing you to fix items of concern on your own or to have it done before a buyer makes an offer allowing you to make more money.


Inspections allow you to learn a lot about a home and the function of the mechanical components. So don't be afraid to have what you need looked at. The home is the largest purchase most people will make.

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March 31, 2015

How Does My Realtor Get Paid??

As a consumer, you deserve to know

how your REALTOR gets paid. For sellers, this is simple. You pay a commission to your agent at the closing table. It's great for you because you get results and then you pay for services after you and the agent have met your goals.


For buyers, it gets a little tricky. Most of the time in our area (the Fox Valley) the seller pays the buyer's REALTOR out of the commission they pay their listing agent. Basically, that commission the listing agent took in gets split.

There are other options, as a buyer you have the right to hire your agent through the use of a buyer agency contract and pay them on your own.

Also, some buyer's agents do charge a minimal fee up front as part of the signing bonus. Often they will pull from seller concessions for this.

I hope this helps.

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March 31, 2015

What You Should Do Before Making an Offer

I thought about what a buyer should

do as they go through a home. If you like a home and are considering putting an offer in. You should take a moment and do this one thing:


Go to the front door of the home, open the door and look out. Do you like the neighborhood and how it looks? Can you see yourself living here for 5years? 10?


If you are satisfied and excited, proceed with writing an offer. Happy Buying!

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March 31, 2015

4 Quick Tips for Getting Your Home Ready

I've gotten the question recently about

what can or should be done to help get a home ready for market. This got me thinking, I should write them down. So here are 5 easy ideas that will immediately improve your homes show- ability and there for increase the value of your home.

1. Replace or clean carpet- there is nothing that deters a buyer more than looking at old/worn out carpet

2. Fresh coat of paint- inside and/or out goes a long way to making pictures pop

3. Update landscaping- will increase curb appeal and tell buyers you care about your home

4. A solid deep clean- is absolutely necessary. Pay for it if you hate cleaning

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